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Lia Sophia Press Release

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Lia Sophia Shutting Down | 12/3/2014

According to Lia Sophia Creative Director Elena Kiam, the company will be winding down their operations in the US and Canada and cease operations by the end of February.

Lia Sophia was originally launched as "Act II Jewelry", later renamed "Lady Remington", and finally "Lia Sophia" in 2004 after the CEO's two daughters.

Lia Sophia is liquidating its jewelry line at up to 50 percent off when purchased through representatives.

lia sophia Press Release

Press Release | 11/18/2010

lia sophia® Brings Glitz and Glimmer to the Holidays

Jewelry Direct Seller Offers Tips on Creating a Fashion-Forward Holiday Look

WOOD DALE, IL -- (Marketwire) -- 11/17/10 -- The holidays are the season of glitz and glimmer and lia sophia encourages women to get into the festive spirit by brightening their look with fabulous jewelry.

Through in-home demonstrations, lia sophia offers women a wide array of fashion jewelry to complement any outfit, from casual to business to holiday glam.

"The holidays are a perfect time for women to ramp up their everyday style," said Bonni Davis, Senior Vice President of Sales. "Shimmering, eye-catching jewelry adds the perfect festive note to your seasonal fashions."

According to Davis, fashion-savvy women know how to mix and match bold necklaces and other statement pieces with smaller, face-brightening choices like glittering earrings to create a variety of looks that will carry them through many holiday parties and celebrations.

Davis suggests starting with three dressy jewelry "basics" -- pieces like earrings, bracelets and rings -- that can be mixed and matched. These examples are from the current lia sophia Catalog : .

A "Revved Up" ring with gleaming stones twirling through contoured bands of shining silver makes every gesture matter.

"Galaxy Girl" earrings are understated but special, reflecting the light and your good taste as you make the rounds.

Your "Party Favor" bracelet is the perfect party accessory for a sleek, sleeveless dress or a bold statement that takes your business outfit out on the town.

Then, mix and match these basic pieces with an eye-catching necklace to keep your look fresh and interesting all season long.

Our "Escapade" necklace looks great paired with a fancy blouse.

Clasp our multi-strand "Hematite" necklace around your neck to transform a day-at-the-office dress into a night-on-the-town outfit. Part of the Kiam Family ® Signature Collection.

The "Joann" necklace is a perfect accent for that essential little black dress.

"Our Customer Save Plan makes it easy to build your jewelry and accessory wardrobe," says Davis. "When you buy two pieces at our regular price, you can select a third piece (make it your highest-priced item) at 50 percent off! It's a great way to treat yourself or someone on your gift list to a little holiday glamour this year. This is a special time of year, and you deserve a special look. lia sophia jewelry can add that festive touch that makes the holidays memorable."

You may want to consider hosting a lia sophia Show this season! Hostess benefits include free and half-priced jewelry, so having friends and family over for a Show can help stretch holiday shopping budgets, too.

For women with an entrepreneurial spirit, lia sophia combines an extensive line of high-quality products with an unparalleled opportunity to own their own business.

For more information about lia sophia or scheduling a Show, please visit :

About lia sophia lia sophia is a unique direct selling opportunity offering fashion jewelry through personalized in-home demonstrations. The company's goal is to improve the lifestyles of its Advisors, Hostesses and Customers with products and opportunities. lia sophia connects women to their dreams, from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures. For further information, visit : or call 1-800-487-3323.

Lia Sophia Discusses Self Esteem And Jewelry

Press Release | 5/21/2010

In recognition of Women's Confidence Day on June 2, lia sophia is showing women how wardrobe accessory changes can make a huge impact on their confidence.

"Women's Confidence Day is a perfect opportunity for us to explain how to make simple changes with jewelry that will make you feel great," said Bonni Davis, Vice President of Sales for lia sophia.

Davis said women should keep the following in mind:

•Think outside of the box. Change it up by choosing accessories you wouldn't usually wear. Pull your hair back and wear long, bold earrings. Or instead of wearing one bracelet, grab a handful and mix and match them. This adds texture and versatility to your fashion statement. From lia sophia, stay on top of the animal print trend this season and try the Wild Thing stretch bracelet. It's a striking mix of patterned transparent enamel and hammered matte gold marked with cut-crystal stones of light smoky topaz.

•Experiment with color and shapes. Introduce color to your outfits, but choose colors that work with your skin tone. For dark or olive skin, try purples, greens, reds and yellows. For lighter skin tones, try soft colors such as powder blues and pinks. And, think of triangular- and square-shaped jewelry. A great choice is the Candy Land necklace from lia sophia. This matte gold toggle necklace is loaded with genuine mint green amazonite, amethyst glass cat's eye and beads in salt-water taffy colors. It's that go-with-everything piece you'll wear all season.

•Channel your inner you. Do you love how certain accessories look on other people, but wouldn't dare to try it for yourself? Here's your chance. Bring out your inner rock star with black and metallic adornments. Or, show your youthful side with vibrant and funky-colored beads. The lia sophia Coliseum over-sized hoop earrings of matte gold feature a contemporary cutout design -- they're a great choice if you've been wanting to try the trend of big, bold and metallic.

Lia Sophia Press Release

Press Release | 5/4/2010

National Small Business Week kicks off May 23 in Washington D.C. In recognition of the campaign and annual gathering, Bonni Davis, Vice President of Sales for lia sophia, wants to offer women tips on how to become a successful business owner in direct selling.

Davis says women should consider the following guidelines:

•Understand the industry: According to, "Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as consultants, distributors or other titles." You should feel comfortable with this model.

•Follow your interests: What are your hobbies? If you could choose a second career, what would it be? These questions will help you decide what direction to take in the direct sales industry. There are many options out there, and just diving in head-first could be overwhelming. Narrow down your choices by products that interest you.

•Set your goals: Some women may choose direct selling to bring in extra money for essentials or unanticipated medical expenses. Others may want to save money for that special family summer vacation. And, still, some women may simply have a dream to own a business of their own. Take some time to think about what your personal and professional goals are and write them down to make them realistic.

•Look for support: When you enter the direct selling industry, you want to make sure you are joining a team that will support your business. The direct sales industry is about making long-lasting relationships -- not just with your customers, but also with your fellow consultants and corporate team. Check out the training, incentive programs and other rewards given to consultants through the companies you are interested in joining. "A career in direct selling can be the perfect answer for women looking for a new full-time earnings opportunity; it can be the solution for those who want supplemental earnings, as well," Davis said.

For more information about lia sophia, visit

Lia Sophia Offers Glam Holiday Tips

Business Wire | 10/28/2009

Shimmering lights and ornate decorations make the holidays a festive time of year, but there’s no reason why the adorning should be limited to homes.

“The holidays are an ideal time for women to have fun with their style and add some glitz to their everyday apparel,” said Bonni Davis, Vice President of Sales for lia sophia. “Whether a woman is going to a cocktail party after work or attending a formal affair, the right jewelry can turn a basic outfit into an eye-catching look, perfect for any type of holiday gathering.”

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lia sophia Success Story Featured on MyWabashValley | 4/27/2009

Times are tough for a lot of people and one Terre Haute woman knows all too well what's its like to lose her job, but the job loss became a blessing.

When her company downsized seven years ago, she started selling jewelry at parties in people's homes. Today, she's earning a six-figure salary.

Debby Tarrh sells Lia Sophia jewelry. During her first year she earned $32,000 hosting about two parties a week.

Today she's a regional manager with 250 people under her in 16 states.

She's become so successful she turned her family room into an office and hire a person to help her out.

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Lia Sophia on WOWT | 4/6/2009

Lia Sophia was mentioned in a news piece on WOWT recently... With layoffs and job loss making headlines, many are looking at alternative ways to earn a living. Instead of going to work, some are opting to work from home.

Fresh baked goods and a few snacks, at first glance it may be hard to believe A.J. Sanford is getting ready for work. "I've been able to meet some wonderful people and the lady I work for is just an absolute sweetheart. She's been able to introduce me to some other people and you know we're just kind of building this network of friends."

A year ago, she started a second job working part time from home selling jewelry for the Lia Sophia jewelry company.

"I try to book approximately four shows a month and with that it's about $800 a month additional income, so it's huge, especially in the times we're in." ...

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lia sophia Reports Autumn Jewelry Trends

MarketWatch | 9/18/2008

...This fall, Bonni Davis, vice president of sales for lia sophia, says there are a myriad of trends and accessory options for local "fashionistas" to add to their outfits.

"Be prepared for combinations of muted and vibrant colors, and dramatic, yet refined jewelry pieces!" Davis said. "Many of this season's styles will include themes similar to those of the spring and summer, while others will conjure visions of fall, drawing inspiration from autumn's brilliant foliage colors, such as burnt oranges, yellows, greens and reds. It's all about pizzazz."

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Lia Sophia on StyleHive | 6/19/2008

Casual Date A neutral eco dress looks great with a jean jacket, which has made a major comeback this spring in lighter 80s washes. Mine’s actually from Gap Kids! Add some light metallic like my champagne Botkier and Michael Kors wedges and you and your pup are ready for a stylish playdate. (Want your pooch to go green too? Check out this ridiculously cute heather fleece hoodie!).

Night on the Town Dress up a natural color palette with lotsa, lotsa bling. My favorite line of costume jewelry is Lia Sophia because each piece is a statement in itself. When you start piling it on, nobody will notice that your dress is made out of hemp or banana leaves. Top it off with a metallic bag and shoes like my Laura Merkin and Manolo Blahniks and you’ll shine your way through any velvet rope.

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Lia Sophia in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette | 3/12/2008

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation appointed six local community leaders to its Fort Wayne Community Advisory Committee: David J. Bennett, executive director, Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne; Rick Cartwright, dean of art, University of Saint Francis; Herb Hernandez , president, Asset and Estate Management; Gregory A. Johnson, vice president and chief financial officer, Fort Wayne Newspapers; Wendy Robinson, Fort Wayne Community Schools superintendent; and Kyaw Soe, a director for the Fort Wayne Schools literacy program.

Twila Huddlestone-Keirns joined the team of Eddie Merlot’s as sales manager. Eli Hicks was promoted to sous chef.

Bun-Hiong (Carls) Chua has been named design engineer for Brock Grain Systems, Milford. He will assist in the design and development of the company’s full line of grain storage, handling and conditioning products.

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Lia Sophia Says Bling is Out Color is In

Business Wire | 3/12/2008

Jewelry is like putting the icing on the cake when it comes to enhancing one's outfit. As we approach a season filled with exciting new fashion trends, Bonni Davis, vice president of sales for lia sophia, explains how individuals can step out of the winter gloom and shine this spring.

"The icing we speak of has a myriad of meanings as we face new changes in jewelry styles, and it is no longer all about 'bling'," Davis said. "Although sparkling crystals and gems ruled throughout the glamorous holiday season, we will now see longer, layered necklaces and uniquely designed jewelry pieces gaining in popularity, as well as bold, saturated colors and fresh juxtapositions of styles."

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Lia Sophia Forecasts Holiday Jewelry Trends

Dubuque Telegraph Herald | 11/12/2007

Local advisers announce what's going to be hot for the cooler season With the holidays right around the corner, you might be deciding what jewelry piece to pick out for that special someone, or what to wear to accent your favorite dress the slew of holiday parties you'll be attending. The fashion jewelry world is changing with the seasons, but with new styles emerging, don't be too quick to toss out last year's favorite pieces. According to Bonni Davis, vice president of sales for lia sophia, simple jewelry will remain a staple in your wardrobe this season and in the many seasons to come. "In addition to classic jewelry styles, there are numerous unique looks that are perfect for the holidays," said Davis. "From contemporary metal pendant necklaces, to crystal encrusted ri...[viewing 717 of 2963 characters]

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Lia Sophia in the Chicago Sun

Sun Publications Chicago | 10/31/2007

Naperville company expands to New York

EleMental Learning, an in-home tutoring company with headquarters in Naperville, opened a practice in Long Island, N.Y., serving Suffolk and Nassau counties. EleMental Learning was founded by former classroom teacher Lori Skurka and offers personalized curriculum for each student.

The company's New York office will be led by regional director Karen Chanda.

Plainfield bank hires new sales manager

Fiona Alston is the new sales manager at Citizens First National Bank in Plainfield. The Oswego resident has more than 10 years of banking experience as a branch manager and retail banking officer.

To submit Morning Briefing items, e-mail them to or fax them to 630-416-5163.

Home ownership center receives grant

The DuPage Homeownership Center received a $10,000 grant from the Northern Trust Company. The grant will be used for financial literacy workshops and counseling for transitional housing clients, immigrants, refugees and other people who don't use mainstream financial services.

Plainfield bank hires new sales manager

Fiona Alston is the new sales manager at Citizens First National Bank in Plainfield. The Oswego resident has more than 10 years of banking experience as a branch manager and retail banking officer.

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Lia Sophia Forecasts 2007 Holiday Trends

Business Wire | 10/31/2007

The holidays are right around the corner and the fashion jewelry world is changing with the seasons. New styles are emerging, but residents shouldn't be too quick to toss out last year’s favorite pieces, says Bonni Davis, vice president of sales for lia sophia.

lia sophia's Top 10 Jewelry Trends for the Holidays 1. Classic Black - This season, keep an eye out for jet crystals, black faceted glass, and for a truly timeless look - black beads combined with white or grey pearls. 2. Red Alert - Red makes quite a statement on its own, or adds spice to black, brown, and grey hues, in modern and antique inspired designs. 3. Cuffed - Whether you don a metal cuff or a beaded stretch bracelet, you are undeniably in style. 4. Back to Nature - This trend continues to be popular, as evidenced by the presence of semiprecious stones, shell, wood, and leaf motifs in jewelry.

5. The Bold and the Beautiful - From bold metal pendants, to substantial CZ cocktail rings, bigger is better if you want to make an impression.

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Lia Sophia in the Exeter NewsLetter

Exeter News-Letter | 10/8/2007

Lia Sophia has top honors for Excellent Beginnings Program Achievers for their outstanding sales accomplishments and professionalism. Associate Kelly Piecuch of Epping was recently recognized with the honor. Having just joined the fashion jewelry business, Piecuch has earned this prestigious accomplishment in her first 15 weeks by attaining certain sales levels and by sharing Lia Sophia with other new advisers. For information, visit or call (800) 487-3323.

Hospital names Callahan new VP

Exeter Hospital named Christopher Callahan as new vice president of Human Resources. Callahan is an experienced human resource professional with a record of innovation and strong human resource leadership skills. Most recently, he was vice president of Human Resources at St. Joseph Healthcare Services in Providence, R.I., He received an M.B.A. with a Health Services Administration concentration from George Washington University in 1983 and dual bachelor of art degrees in Economics and Government and Politics from Kings College in 1981.

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Lia Sophia Announces Top Honors

Fergus Falls Daily Journal | 4/3/2007

lia sophia has announced top honors for its Excellent Beginnings program achievers for their outstanding sales accomplishments and professionalism.

Having just joined the fashion jewelry business, Laura Bjerke has earned this prestigious accomplishment in her first 15 weeks by attaining certain sales levels and by sharing lia sophia with other new advisors.

"This immediate success is a result of Laura's hard work and dedication,” Bonni Davis, vice president of lia sophia, said. “lia sophia is fortunate to have her as part of our team and we look forward to celebrating her future successes."

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Lia Sophia Helps Gift Givers on Valenties

Feature Xpress | 2/2/2007

Keep Your Valentine in Style with the Latest Jewelry Trends

Bensenville, IL (Grassroots Newswire) February 1, 2007 -- Valentine's Day is right around the corner and, soon, many of us will go about trying to find that perfect gift for our loved ones. Although diamonds are popularly known to be a girl's best friend, there are other competitors in line for her friendship, too. Fashion experts say that eclectic, mix-n-match jewelry styles are becoming the new, more affordable, best friends for women of all ages.

"Layered and versatile-looking pieces are the big buzz in the fashion world this year," said Bonni Davis, vice president of sales for lia sophia, the direct-selling company that offers jewelry through in-home demonstrations. "It's no longer about buying diamonds and other expensive gems to adorn your attire, the focus is more on following the trends - which is multi-strands and cascading pieces."

Recent studies show that the current fashion trends in accessorizing include the following: simple elegance; jewels and metals; pendants; and touches of femininity. For those categories, layering is the key trend, Davis said, adding that mixing earthy tones with deep olives and blues are a good way to jazz up any look this time of year.

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lia sophia holiday business wire

lia sophia business wire | 12/2/2006

Get Decked out for the Holidays with lia sophia

BENSENVILLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With glittering ornaments and twinkling lights, the holidays are the perfect time to add glitz and glamour to your look for all the social gatherings of the season. To add a little sparkle and glam to your look, fashion experts say to accessorize with amazing, one of a kind jewelry that is sure to stop people in their tracks.

Trees aren’t the only thing that need ornaments and the trend this holiday season is all about being distinctive, eye-catching and bold said Bonni Davis, vice president of sales for lia sophia.

“A lot of popular picks this time of year include unique designs,” Davis said. “Standout adornments allow for style variations and also express the personality of the wearer. The holidays are about having fun, being expressive and showing your individuality.”

Choose versatile pieces of jewelry such as designs with circle shapes, necklaces that are layered with multiple strands, or large rings. These sort of items can be worn with more than one outfit, easily carrying your look from the December holidays to the New Year’s party, but make sure it has sparkle and glitter that can shimmer up even a simple black dress, Davis says, adding that lia sophia’s products are great to either accessorize your own wardrobe or to give as a fabulous gift for the holidays.

lia sophia provides that and more, according to Davis, who says the company carries high quality fashionable jewelry that is affordable. From earth-toned creations to bold and classically stunning necklaces, bracelets and rings, lia sophia’s extensive line offers unlimited enhancements to your wardrobe while complementing any fashion statement you make.

For more information, please contact your local lia sophia representative, or visit

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Lia Sophia Invites on DM News

DM News | 10/30/2006

Lia Sophia invites Internet to the party

While some party plan businesses see the Internet’s direct marketing model as incompatible with their lifeblood — the in-home party — costume jewelry direct seller Lia Sophia has embraced the online channel wholeheartedly.

Lia Sophia, known as Lady Remington Jewelry until two years ago, has undergone much change in recent years. Under executive vice president Rick Schwartz and executive vice president of sales Peter MacBride, the brand’s merchandise mix has been given more of a fashion-forward direction to appeal to a wider range of customers. Also, the company’s PR efforts have intensified to where the brand regularly appears in fashion magazines and on the arms and necks of celebrities. Embracing the Internet is yet another way the company has updated its image.

“We saw the potential of the Internet and the efficiencies it could bring to the business,” Mr. Schwartz said. “It provides a meaningful way to communicate with end users and our sales people.”

The company has taken advantage of what the Internet has to offer without competing with the parties that its own consultants hold, he said.

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Lia Sophia a hit on college campuses

The Daily Collegian | 10/26/2006

Trend gives students a new way to party

Jewelry. Paper money. Gift certificates.

It may not be your typical Penn State party, but this gathering offers a different atmosphere.

Jewelry parties are becoming more popular across the country, as well as in the college scene.

"I think it's just a good way to get a lot of people together and socialize," Kim Seidel (junior-accounting) said.

Seidel was one of nine girls who attended a jewelry party at a fellow student's apartment last week.

During the party, jewelry consultant Denise Rockey introduced the girls to lia sophia jewelry.

Rockey began the evening by setting up the jewelry and having everyone introduce themselves.

She presented the host with a large piece of paper money amounting to $100, explaining that the host would receive any piece of jewelry from the catalogue that was worth up to $100 for only $10.

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Lia Sophia added to Npros Directory | 10/14/2006

Lia Sophia has been added to the home based business directory.

Lia Sophia, formerly known as ACT II Jewelry - Lady Remington markets fine jewelry and accessories through home parties and direct marketing.

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